Based on Egyptian details dating to the 14 th century B

Based on Egyptian details dating to the 14 th century B

An enthusiastic Arabian Tribe

The new Midianites was basically an effective Proto-Arabian group; their property legs was in Arabia and are usually connected with Ishmaelites. The ebook out-of Judges states so it explicitly from the tale away from Gideon, which helps make the adopting the consult of one’s Israelites after defeating this new Midianites:

We see evidence of the relationship anywhere between Midianites and you will Ishmaelites while the well regarding names. By way of example, Moses father-in-laws Jethro otherwise Jether (Exod cuatro:17) provides the same label due to the fact Davids aunt-in-laws (spouse of Davids aunt Abigail), Jether the Ishmaelite (step 1 Chron 2:17).

The fresh new Spice Exchange

Inside the Iron Ages and you can after, new Midianites, as an Arabian tribe, had been an element of the spice trade. They’d travelling of Arabia and move across Israel to their answer to brand new Mediterranean coast and you may/or Egypt. This is certainly reflected on biblical facts from Joseph, and that identifies Midianite and Ishmaelite investors going to Egypt that have spices and you can slaves:

Inside facts, the brand new traders had earliest oriented north, possibly to trading to your Arameans, and you can had been moving south from the Jezreel valley into Through Maris, which will need him or her to the Egypt. Whilst the story is decided throughout the next century B.C.E., anachronistic keeps like camels show that it had been written in the first millennium B.C.E.

The brand new strong union ranging from these eastern Arabian people together with spruce channel is mirrored from the title the fresh new Bible (Gen 25:1-2) offers the eponymous mom, Qeturah (?????), a name pertaining to the new Hebrew keyword to possess incense, qetoret (?????).

Basically, the fresh Midianites had been a keen Arabian group working in metallurgy additionally the spruce trade, whoever feet was a student in this new northeast of your own Arabian Peninsula, but whoever arrived at off settlement is actually much wide, having pockets surviving in brand new southwest Sinai Peninsula, the fresh south Transjordan, therefore the Aravah (brand new wilderness part of the southeastern Negev), probably by copper veins indeed there.

The fresh new Shaswe-Property YHWA

C.Age., we realize that Midianites weren’t truly the only cultural communities traditions which such components. Regarding geographic record into the Amunhotep IIIs Soleb Nubian temple, the individuals of the Aravah additionally the southern area Transjordan have been called Shaswe (otherwise Shasu), an universal term definition something similar to “nomadic tribes.”

The definition of shaswe, s?sw ( ) is written adopting the Egyptian determinative to own “land” t? ( ), showing that the Egyptian text message is actually outlining other geographical parts populated from the some shaswe. An area detailed is known as Nomad-property Seir, which is identical into the Install Seir area from inside the Edom. Another identity in the listing, which means that regional or contiguous which have Seir, was Nomad-home Yehwa, yhw?(w) ( ). The latest enunciation of name is uncertain, as instance Hebrew, hieroglyphics don’t is vowels, however the label appears to be associated with title off the brand new Israelite deity, YHWH, whoever real old pronunciation is also unfamiliar.

An effective Deity and you will a land

About listing, Yehwa is the term regarding an area. As a possible nomadic class lived in a secure called Seir, other lived in an area titled Yehwa. But in antiquity, a reputation you are going to really be one another an excellent toponym and you may a great theonym. Title Assyria (Assur) illustrates so it demonstrably: it’s the identity off Assyrias captain goddess and of the old financial support city. Sooner, it became the name of their kingdom. Other analogy will be Greek goddess regarding wisdom, Athena, just who first started given that patron goddess regarding Athens.

YHWH Comes from the new Edomite South

Biblical research shows that YHWH originates from brand new the southern part of, possibly in the hills away from Edom otherwise further south in the Midian otherwise past. That is including clear in the three very ancient biblical poems:

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